This holiday season we need your help! Mt Pleasant Cemetery is a 501C13 and your donations could be tax deducible. This historic chapel at Mt Pleasant was built in 1923 and is made of local quartsite. It has served the east side of Sioux Falls, hosting funeral services for 100 years.

In 2022 we were forced to close the chapel to public after foundation and substructure issues were discovered. This has made it unsafe for public use. To restore and reopen the chapel we need to raise $250,000 for the renovation costs. Please consider us for your year end giving and help save a part of Sioux Falls History.

contact us

(605) 339-4760

Hours of Operation

Grounds Sun up to 5pm 7 Days A Week

Office 9am -4pm Mon - Friday

Our location

2001 E 12th Street

Sioux Falls, SD