George Howard Fulford M.D.

1854 - 1943

“Dr. George Howard Fulford, a practicing physician of Sioux Falls, who’s efforts are attended with gratifying success, was born in Chittenago, New York, on the 18th of July, 1854, a son of the Rev. Daniel Fulford, who was a native of England. He came to the United States when a youth of fourteen years and, entering the ministry of the Methodist Episcopal church, devoted his entire life thereto. On coming to Dakota Territory in 1885 he settled in Sioux Falls and was active in revival work in churches in that and neighboring towns to the time of his death, which occurred in 1889. He was not denied the full harvest nor the aftermath of his efforts and his teaching and his example proved a turning point in the lives of many. He married Clara A. Hamilton, a native of New York and a descendent of one of the old New England families.

Dr. Fulford is the youngest of their three children. He acquired a liberal education, for after passing through the public schools in his native county he pursued a course in the Ogdensburg (N. Y.) Business School. Later he entered Ives Seminary, from which in due time he was graduated, and subsequently he studied for a year in Syracuse University. His professional training was received at the Boston University School of Medicine, from which he was graduated with the class of 1880, winning his M. D. degree. He afterward took post graduate work in the New York Polyclinic and throughout all the passing years he has remained a student of his profession, reading broadly, thinking deeply and keeping in touch with the advancement made by the members of the medical fraternity. He began active practice in New Haven, New York, where he remained for two years and later spent three years in Henderson, New York. In 1885 he arrived in Dakota, settling at Sioux Falls, where he has since remained in general practice, his efforts being attended with very substantial and desirable results. He is the originator of the modern ‘three days’ cure’ for alcoholism. He belongs to the Tri-State Medical Association and the South Dakota State Homeopathic Association and he is regarded as an able and conscientious practitioner, ever careful in the diagnosis of his cases.

On the 26th of November, 1881, Dr. Fulford was united in marriage to Miss Katie Thompson, a daughter of George and Harriet Thompson, of Henderson, New York, and they have two children, Allen F. and Ida Florence. In his political views Dr. Fulford is an earnest republican and for one term he served as coroner of Minnehaha county, while at the present writing he is county superintendent of the board of health, which position he is now filling for the second term. Fraternally he is connected with the Masons and religiously with the Methodists. For many years he has been a member of the board of stewards, has been president of the board of trustees and is chairman of the building committee, having charge of the erection of a new edifice for the Methodist church. His interests are broad, his ideals high, his activities resultant and he stands not only as one of the eminent physicians of his section of the state but also as one of its representative and valued citizens.”

Kingsbury, George W.  History of Dakota Territory. Chicago: S. J. Clarke, 1915, IV. pp. 350 – 351.

Dr. Fulford, his father Rev. Daniel Fulford, and other members of the family lie at rest in block 20, lot 7 of the cemetery. Daniel died in 1889 at the age of 71. His wife Clara, lived to 80 years of age, dying in 1907. Dr. George Fulford lived to 79 years of age and was buried on Nov. 29th, 1932. His wife, Kate, survived to the age of 85 and died tragically in a house fire during February 1943.