Harold Eugene Judge

1873 - 1936

“Harold Eugene Judge, a prominent and prosperous attorney of Sioux Falls, has here practiced his profession for the past two decades and since 1897 has been a member of the law firm of Aikens & Judge. His birth occurred in Floyd, Iowa, on the 7th of February, 1873, his parents being Patrick Henry and Della Cemira (Sutton) Judge. The father, a native of county Mayo, Ireland, emigrated to the United States with his parents.

Harold E. Judge acquired his education in the public schools and an academy at Fort Dodge, Iowa, and subsequently entered the State University of Iowa at Iowa City, completing the course in the law department with the class of 1894. He was admitted to the bar in the same year and located for practice in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. In 1895 he became interested in the newly organized firm of Aikens, Bailey & Voorhees, though his name was not used. Two years later Messrs. Aikens and Judge withdrew and formed a partnership which has been maintained to the present time. An extensive and lucrative clientage has been accorded them. Mr. Judge is known for the wide research and provident care with which he prepares his cases. In no instance has his reading ever been confined to the limitations of the question at issue; it has gone beyond and has compassed every contingency and provided not alone for the expected, but for the unexpected, which happens in the courts as frequently as out of them. His logical grasp of facts and of principles of the law applicable of them has been another potent element in his success, and a remarkable clearness of expression, an adequate and precise diction, which enables him to make others understand not only the salient points of his argument, but his every fine gradation of meaning, may be accounted one of his most conspicuous gifts and accomplishments.”

George W. Kingsbury, History of Dakota Territory, Vol. 5 (Chicago: S. J. Clarke, 1915) p. 88.

Harold Eugene Judge lived to the age of 63 years and was buried on February 25, 1936, in Block 12 – Lot 3 of the cemetery. His wife, Susie Judge, lived to the age of 90 years, dying in 1958. She rests by his side.